Please refer to the following steps to attend the meetings if you have any problem.

1 Can't hear the voice of participant A during video conference

Participant A may try the following methods

(1) Click refresh or try reentering the conference

(2) Use a headset

2 Participant B is not in the participants list on the left side, or is not visible after entering the room

Step 1:click the on the left side of the address bar in the upper left corner of the screen (as shown in the figure below)

Step 2:You will see the following picture after you click

Step 3:Select: turn on the camera, microphone and sound as shown in the picture above, and then refresh the page to enter the meeting

Step 1: on the left side of the browser address bar, click the LOCK icon, ALLOW camera, mic, sound (see image). Then refresh the webpage.

Step 2: If problems cannot be resolved by the first two steps, then scan the QR code to download mobile application. Open the APP, login and scan the meeting QR code to enter video meeting room




Tip: Use Google Chrome or Apple Safari for the best user experience. learn more